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A Certain Magical Index - The Book of Law - S02E02 (Dub)

  • Archbishop Laura informs Stiyl that the Liber AL vel Legis has been stolen by the Amakusa Catholics and sends him to Japan along with a group of Catholic battle nuns known as the Agnese Forces, to search for the grimoire and Orsola Aquinas, the only one who can decode it who was also kidnapped by the Amakusas. In order to get Tōma's assistance, Stiyl pretends to kidnap Index. While Tōma coincidentally runs into Orsola on the way to save Index, the Amakusas appear and abduct her via a hole in the ground. After determining that the Amakusa's goal is to use a special teleport magic to escape with Orsola before midnight, Tōma, Index, Stiyl and the Agnese Forces set up camp at the required location, where Tōma gets into a lot of awkward situations with the group's leader, Agnese Sanctis. Because Kaori was once an Amakusa Catholic, Stiyl knows he may have to fight her if necessary. Meanwhile, the Amakusas prepare to make their move.

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