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A Certain Magical Index - The Last Day (August 31) - S02E01 (Dub)

  • Following the fake boyfriend incident with Mikoto, Tōma still hasn't finished his summer homework and Index isn't helping much. Whilst Tōma takes Index to a restaurant for a change of location, they are attacked by magician named Ouma Yamisaka who kidnaps Index and runs off. As Tōma tries to find her, running into Mikoto along the way, Ouma prepares a ceremony that will allow him to access the grimoires inside Index's head in order to find a cure for a curse inflicted on a woman he has fallen in love with. As the ceremony begins, Ouma's body and mind is put through excruciating pain trying to access the grimoires. Thanks to Index using her new cellphone, Tōma is able to find her and stop the ceremony. Tōma gets Ouma to snap out his pitiful state and offers to cure the woman's curse using his Imagine Breaker. Meanwhile, Kanzaki is seen fighting the Knights of England.

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